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Our Memberships

With a variety of options for you to choose from, we hope that at the end of the day, we can bring women together through a mutual appreciation of the outdoors and the Sacramento community.

  • What does the WOSH Membership Offer?
    The WOSH Membership offers access to all our upcoming hiking event information, group discussion boards, and discounts on future events and activities. This WOSH membership will give people who don't use Facebook the ability to join our community, but also give current Facebook Group Members access to additional group discussion boards and discounts to events! ☕️ For the price of a coffee, this small fee helps cover the costs of running and consistently updating the WOSH website, as well as bringing more events and offerings to our group!
  • Is your Group Free to Join?
    Our Facebook Group "Women of Sacramento Hiking Group" is free to join! :) We also offer two different paid memberships for those interested in getting more involved with the group.
  • Do I have to be a Paying Member to Go to Events?
    We will be hosting a mix of events throughout the year! We have a ton of fun activities on the upcoming calendar for the group - Coffee Tastings, Wine Tasting, Paddle Board Yoga, and Group Glamping Trips! Every event is unique, and most can accommodate everyone while others can only accommodate WOSH Members and VIP Members. We are a large group, and capacity for some events will be prioritized for those who help our platform run. The small membership fee supports the group and allows us to host more events! Our hikes will always be free (of course!!)
  • I don't have Facebook. How Can I Join Your Hikes?
    If you don't have Facebook you can join either our WOSH or VIP Membership which will give you access to all hiking event information & more!
  • Why Can't I See Your Hikes Listed on the Website?
    The safety and privacy of our members is at upmost importance which is why the hiking event information is not available to the public. Once you sign up as a WOSH or VIP Member you will be able to find all the listed hikes in the "WOSH Hiking Event" Group Board. Once in the Group Board, scroll to the "Events" section. Don't forget that you can still access our Free Facebook Group for hiking events if that is a better fit for you!
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